Uti Nwachukwu Have Been Accused Of Grooming Young Boys For His Rich Gay Friend

Uti Nwachukwu Have Been Accused Of Grooming Young Boys For His Rich Gay Friend

Popular Nigerian reality TV star and presenter, Uti Nwachukwu, have been accused of grooming young boys for his rich gay friend. He was accused of grooming young handsome boys based in Asaba and Lagos for his Abuja rich Barrister known as Ojukwu Chiemela.

The accusations were made by Instagram bogger, Cutie Julls .

According to Cutie Julls, these boys are paid up to 2 million naira per night after having sex with Barrister Ojukwu via his anus.

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So Uti has this godfather in Abuja called Barrister Ojukwu Chiemela whom he.’s been pimping young boys to.

Uti lures this boys to the barrister with huge sums of money by disguising he man needs a personal trainer and he pays well.

He only goes for guys with all these 6 packs etc.

Upon getting to Abuja, the man demands for massages, then one thing to leads to the other, before you know it, your gbola go dey inside Barrister Chiemela’s bum bum hole.

See we have so many proofs which we unfortunately can’t put out cuz some of these young boys are known faces and also it might implicate some of our sources.

Uti, might blab about the gyming bs but let’s do rational thinking.

How does Uti and Old man barrister explains inviting young muscular guys from Asaba, Lagos etc to Abuja for exercise and this man will pay as much as N2mil etc. For just overnight o. What kind of exercise are they exercising?

Like example, Oga Barrister will book your flight ticket, you fly from your location to Abuja on Monday, “give him massage” and return on Tuesday… hmmm

Like Uti goes to this young boys like; My rich barrister friend saw your pic etc and he likes your muscle so he asked for your number and also asked if you can be his personal trainer even if on videos etc.

He will convince you of how good and connected he is etc.

This is after he has sent your pics to the man o. Then he gives them the man’s number too. The man starts chatting these boys and as sapa dey, before you know it, one thing leads to the other and the young boys who aren’t strong willed or who are already into man to man gets knacked by Oga Barrister.

Anybody’s s#xual orientation isn’t a problem but why gro#ming innocent young boys? Fine they are not minors but come on.

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